What is the new feature that Xiaomi launched?

Whenever someone gets a bank promotional messages or shopping status messages, below the message there is a call to action button related to the type of message. Eg. Bank messages call to action buttons would be Credit score, credit card etc. Shopping CTA buttons would be deals on Flipkart etc.
How do Xiaomi customise this?
What are the plans, current partners and when can it be out to others?
What is the model of this feature?

I have been using SMS app from Microsoft and they have this feature. Very useful. Not just call to action but also reminders and classification of SMS.

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so are they customizing the CTAs depending on message content? Isn’t that a bit ‘too much of privacy invasion’? and assuming that largely people believe in what they see - leading to clicks / application for loans/credit cards which isn’t what they were seeking for.

Xiaomi is a great software company and that’s one of the reasons I have stopped using their phones.