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ProductGeeks is the Community of Product Leaders, Geeks, Product Managers, Marketers and Founders.
Participate in this global community to learn, network and engage with global product leaders.

  • Who is it for? Founders, Product managers, Marketers, Geeks, Sales - essentially the DOERs who participate in building 10X products.

  • What can you find here? Tons of discussions, debates and learning from global product leaders and founders. Mostly actionable and tactical discussions.

  • Why should you come here? To learn, network and grow.

  • How is this different from several Product/geek communities? Well, this pic below should explain you the difference.

There are several communities focused on product managers/marketers, some on founders/business leaders, and many on geeks/engineers.

We are going to be an intersection of ‘many’ roles - and truly represent the product team in an organization (irrespective of size).