Next AMA : Avlesh of WebEngage on Distribution and Lead strategy for SAAS startups

Hello everyone.
The next AMA is with Avlesh Singh, WebEngage (recently completed 8 years). Avlesh is the cofounder and CEO and he is open to be grilled on anything and everything related to:

  • Inbound vs outbound
  • Channel and partnership
  • Content marketing (creating content and distribution channel)
  • Setting up SDR and lead gen ops
  • Closing Deals !

Who should be part of this?

  • Founders, esp of SAAS companies
  • Product and Growth Fellas
  • Curious minds :slight_smile:

When: October 23rd
Timing: 7- 8 PM IST
Where: At Facebook Community

You can go ahead and ask your questions right away instead of waiting for the real-time AMA to start.

What’s a good way to reach out /sell to US base enterprise clients from India - for an early stage product?

How much does WebEngage spend on content marketing? How does the process work? From ideation to actual marketing? What’s the budget allocated?

Quick update guys: we are trying out FB groups for the next AMA :

Let’s huddle there:


Hola guys. This AMA is happening today (Thu/Nov 14th) at 8 PM.