Product Management Course

Become 10X Better Product Leader !
The 8 weeks course helps you develop foundational thinking around building the right product. You will learn to evaluate ideas, use practical frameworks to understand your users, create MVP releases and decode the art and science of building great products.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, you will learn to evaluate ideas, use practical frameworks to understand your users, create MVP releases and decode the art and science of building great products.

Plus, the course will help you unlock new opportunities – right from job placement to networking with inspiring product leaders.

200+ Topics

An online course with a strong community backend, ensuring that you don’t learn alone. Plus, we offer you 200+ deep topics, 15+ guest speakers, ensuring that we bring to you multiple perspectives which will help you get holistic knowledge.


Your journey of becoming a great leader starts with us. You get exclusive access to our pool of mentors who will guide you in your queries related to your career etc. Plus, you get discounted access to our amazing conferences and content – a continuous engagement which will help you become 10X better leader.


You will receive Product Management certificate upon completion of the course. The ProductGeeks certification is recognized by several top tier product companies and will help you build a better brand for yourself.

Course Curriculum

The Right Mix (of Framework Thinking & Hustle)

We offer you, a great mix of actionable framework and theory backed by hustle and experience. The 8 weeks course helps you accelerate your career and puts your company into growth trajectory, by helping you build a systematic thinking around building the right product. Plus, we unlock new opportunities for you – right from access to other product leaders to career upgrade.

Course Topics

Our Product Management (online) course, designed in consultation with the best product minds drives deep #ProductThinking and helps you become 10X better product leader. We follow ‘first principle’ approach to product management – i.e. we drive foundational thinking towards product and most importantly, our course is extremely actionable – i.e. you will start to use this immediately in your current product or if you are on the lookout, will help you grab a better opportunity!

Define Product Management Role

How does the role intersects with others in the organization. If you are transitioning from engineering or marketing to Product Management role, what do you need to unlearn and learn. You will also learn to work with different teams like engineering, design, marketing and learn ways to deal with their requirements and bring a ‘one’ view to the product.

From Ideation to Product Market Fit, MVP and beyond

You will learn to validate hypothesis, evaluate ideas by putting a product framework to it and eventually, define what it means to have achieved product market fit. You will also learn to come up with a MVP version and test the MVP with customers.

Customer Development Framework

At scale, all product-market fit fails. What’s the right way to go about it, then? An extremely practical Customer Development Framework will be shared with the participants. You will also learn how to interview customers, collect requirements and prioritize them.

Design Thinking for Product Managers

You will learn to incorporate design thinking in the product by designing product personas and empathy maps. You will learn to create practical user stories, story-boarding and ensuring that everybody in the team is on the same boat.

Powerful GTM Planning

You may not have a direct influence on GTM, but unless you actually understand what a powerful GTM strategy is, how else will you come up with one? You will learn to look at different components of GTM and come up with a winning plan.

Product Management Drill

As a growing Product leader, you will learn to write effective requirement documents, own the process of daily scrum and planning. You will also learn to work with different teams (engg, design, sales, QA, marketing etc) and collaborate on their requirements.


You will be introduced to different tools which makes a PM job effective. Some of the tools we would be discussing are Google Analytics, Balsamiq, Sketch, Jira, Asana, Appsee, Canvasflip etc, depending on your industry.

Becoming a 10X Better Product Leader

How much of technology (or marketing) should you really understand? How does one handle product operations? What actually makes an inspiring product leader?

Preparing for PM Interview

If you have opted for this, you will learn how to crack PM interviews, handle assignments, prepare your resume etc. A mentor will help you guide through the process.


The 8 weeks course encompasses 40 hours of learning and is led by Ashish Sinha, NextBigWhat founder. He has played PM role in companies like Ketera (KPCB funded) to Yahoo and has helped several startups with their product strategy. He is instrumental in launching one of the biggest startup launch platform (UnPluggd) in India.

Ashish will bring 15+ amazing product minds  / growth experts who will share some of the deepest learning in product management and building great products. No cheap hacks / tricks, but pure foundational thinking.


Details you need to know

  • Course Starts Sep 29th.
  • The classes will happen every Saturday, 10 AM – 1 PM.
  • An online course – but NOT self-learning.
  • Course unlocks every Saturday morning and you can only watch it between 10 AM – 1 PM (Of course, you can go through the session afterwards at your leisure).
  • There are many practical exercises you will perform during the session (a mix of personal as well as team exercise).
  • Assignment driven: The weekly session ends with an exercise which is compulsory for you to work on. The next module unlocks “only” when your assignment has been reviewed by instructors.
  • If you miss the session due to unforeseen circumstance (for e.g. traveling), do not worry. You can view the session later.
  • We will use an internal tool for collaboration / chat and mingle with each other – so expect a lot of learning and idea exchange during (and even after) the course.
  • You will have access to the course (which gets updated very frequently) for a year.
  • You will always get discounted tickets for our conferences and meetups – ensuring you stay ahead by networking and learning from the best in the industry

You will learn actionable frameworks, a better understanding of working with product teams and a more foundational approach to building products which will help you accelerate your career and the company. The program is for both B2C and B2B product managers and can be done from any location.

The course will help you understand the different frameworks you can use to evaluate ideas, understand your users, create GTM strategy and most importantly, learn to ask the right questions.

We will also help you accelerate your career with our job placement assistance.

Course FAQs

What if I miss a class

Don’t worry. You will never lose any session. You can either:

  • View the session later.
  • or attend the missed session, in any other live batch

Always know that our success is based on your success. We ensure that.

What about Job Placement

We are currently working with many companies to help them fulfil ltheir roles in product and marketing space. We will help you find the right fit (take a look at the product job board).

PS: This isn’t applicable to participants sponsored by companies.

EMI Option?

Yes. You can avail EMI option during the payment checkout process.

Product Management Certification

You will receive the certification post completion of the course. The NextBigWhat / ProductGeeks certification is recognized by several product and tech companies. We will ensure we unlock new opportunities for you.

Product Management certificate sample Product Management certificate sample

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Next Batch Starts Sep 29th.

PS: EMI Option available during the checkout process.

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