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You will find original articles, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and interviews that will help elevate your knowledge. We regularly have experienced practitioners participating in writing and collaborating on our content and you can be sure that it is all action and no fluff.


We curate the highest quality content with precise and useful lead-ins that will help you learn better.

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The ProductGeek Product Management Course is a comprehensive self-paced course that will take you from the A to Z of this exciting field.

Our goal in designing this course was to provide a deep-dive and actionable knowledge which will help you hit the ground running.

Featuring 15+ amazing product minds from companies such as Airbnb and UrbanLadder, this course will help you start your own product management success story.


At ProductGeeks, our number 1 focus is on fosterinig our community. And we do that by helping members enable each other — be that on our Slack channel or elsewhere — our main goal is to help you and others maximize their growth.

ProductGeek also curates a number of industry experts to appear on our social channels for AMAs and participation. Our focus is global and we do our best to get product leaders from around the world to expand your vision.

ProductGeek EDGE

Product Geeks EDGE is a platform that brings onboard leaders & proven experts from various domains such as growth marketing, product management, UX, and design to conduct short, high-intensity workshops to accelerate the growth of professionals and amateurs alike. Find out when the latest workshop is happening near you today!

A Platform for Global Product Leaders

A Platform for Global Product Leaders

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