“There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” [Mary Kay Ash]

If you are not the type 1, feel free to close this tab.

And if you are type 1 (or better, *none of the above*), here is introducing ProductGeeks to you.

ProductGeeks is a community driven platform which will upp the product quotient of the ecosystem.

And by ecosystem, I don’t mean startup ecosystem – but the product ecosystem which expands into not just tech world, but more real – retail / farming etc.

Things that matter.
Products that matter (to the world).
Products that solve a problem statement.
Products..that are a product.

Why do we need “one more” attempt?

Frankly, because nothing else seems to have worked. Most of the startups are building products which the market doesn’t need and the metric to evaluate success is a function of PR or funding.

Not anymore. The current state of startup ecosystem is a proof that market doesn’t reward mediocre products – irrespective of their origin/caste/creed/breed/funding.

We need world class products being built from India – for India and global market. The revolution has already begun – but frankly, we are (badly) running against the time (before China takes over everything).

India has great product talent, but not well directed. Our efforts go into building discounts, but not a great product.

What we truly need is collaboration and peer learning (peer = global peers as well) which spans across engineering, product management, marketing and all departments.

With this focus, we are announcing ProductGeeks as a new brand property* which will do only 2 things.

  1. Drive conversations using curated insights (from the wild web). This will move the discussion forward and start debates/discussions.
  2. Build a very strong product community (slack channel is back. We are bringing back the AMAs – but with a twist – more on the slack channel/here is your invite).
    Importantly, the community focus will not just be about online conversation, but offline too.

GOAL: Help Founders and Product Teams Build Better Products. Product which market needs.

We also announced Product Management course and ProductGeeks Conference : everything we do is part of a bigger goal, which is building a strong and vibrant product ecosystem.

We will be announcing more details by end of this week, but for now : please go ahead and sign up for the weekly newsletter which will bring very relevant product articles/insights to you.



*We did try mixing curated product insights on NextBigWhat, but it was quite confusing for most. Hence this new platform.

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