Product Management Course: Starts Sep 1st

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₹75,000 ₹50,000

The course drives deep #ProductThinking and helps you become 10X better product leader. We follow ‘first principle’ approach to product management.

Learn the art and science of product management from some of the best product minds in the country

Learn from the leaders.

8 Weeks. 40 Hours of deep product learning from some of the best product minds in the country. We bring 15+ amazing product minds (as guest lectures/interviews) who will inspire you with real product stories.

Actionable Frameworks

The 8 weeks course helps you accelerate your career and puts your company into growth trajectory, by helping you build a systematic thinking around building the right product. Plus, we unlock new opportunities for you – right from access to other product leaders to career upgrade.

Course Description

Our Product Management (online) course, designed in consultation with some of the best product minds drives deep #ProductThinking and helps you become 10X better product leader. We follow ‘first principle’ approach to product management – i.e. we drive foundational thinking towards product.

Define Product Management Role
How does the role intersects with others in the organization. If you are transitioning from engineering or marketing to Product Management role, what do you need to unlearn and learn.
Product Market Fit & Beyond
At scale, all product-market fit fails. What’s the right way to go about it, then? An extremely practical Customer Development Framework will be shared with the participants.
Designing for Growth
Designing Product Personas and Empathy Maps. – User Stories, story-boarding and ensuring that everybody in the team is on the same boat. We tell you how to go about this.
GTM & product mistakes
The real mistakes are more fundamental than what it shows up on the surface. We walk you through product mistakes often committed by product teams (and how to keep an eye on this).
Product Management Drill
Feature X vs Y? What are the right metrics to track? Tools, Frameworks anyone? Product vs. Platform? Holy shit! Let’s take a deeper and practical view of the product management process.
Becoming a 10X Better Product Leader
How much of technology (or marketing) should you really understand? How does one handle product operations? What actually makes an inspiring product leader?
The course blasted the myth that building features is biggest work in product management. ” Kavindra


The 8 weeks course encompasses 40 hours of learning and is led by Ashish Sinha, NextBigWhat founder. He has played PM role in companies like Ketera (KPCB funded) to Yahoo and has helped several startups with their product strategy. He is instrumental in launching one of the biggest startup launch platform (UnPluggd) in India.

Ashish will bring 15+ amazing product minds  / growth experts who will share some of the deepest learning in product management and building great products. No cheap hacks / tricks, but pure foundational thinking.

Course Features

  • Lectures 6
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 40 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 10
  • Assessments Yes
The Product Management course is led by Ashish Sinha, the original ProductGeek who has been a strong force behind India's startup ecosystem. Before starting NextBigwhat (and, he was the Product manager at Yahoo, Ketera and has hold several engineering position at companies like i2, Aztec Software. He used to teach Product management, way back in 2009 when Indian startup ecosystem was very nascent; and has now launched the PM course to foster the product community.
₹75,000 ₹50,000