Welcome to ProductGeeks, the community and learning arm of NextBigWhat.

ProductGeeks’ vision is to make India a product economy; and build an ecosystem which fosters product thinking.


Product Management Courses

You really can’t build great products without nurturing great product leaders.

We run extremely deep and practical Product management courses,  which are aimed at driving #ProductThinking and creating 10X better product leaders .

Courses are taught by some of the best product minds in the country. Next batch starts May 5th (Online).


#ProdGeeks Community

We have always been about communities. Now, we have taken a hybrid approach to foster the product community.

    • Online: The community platform is back. Get help / help others / share what you are learning/get involved!

  • Offline: Meet others face to face during our meetups / conferences (for e.g., ProductGeeks Conf ) for deeper engagement. We will be announcing the annual plan very soon.


» Introducing #BigConnect Program

We are creating the next generation of product leaders and connecting them to some of the amazing product oriented companies (across industries).
– If you are / your company is hiring for product role, share the details here.
– If you are into products and looking for better opportunities, hop here.

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