1,000s Buy Kindle Fire For Christmas

Today we rip apart the Kindle Fire HD – the good and bad.


  • Text to Speech Turns e-books into audiobooks for the car
  • Amazing video quality and resolution (we take it to bed and watch movies and TV)
  • Download files straight from the Amazon cloud for free (no need to store everything on the Kindle)
  • Lightweight
  • Personalize w/ accessories

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  • Stores photos and docs
  • Sleek look
  • Great audio quality (headphone accessible)
  • Read ebooks at night with clear white background
  • Quick battery charge
  • Free movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime (Click here to see selection)
  • Internet access

  • Free Kindle ebook per month with Amazon Prime membership
  • Super easy to buy and download from Amazon
  • Ads are non-intrusive
  • Hi-Res Camera and Video capability
  • Amazing touch screen with no issues
  • Great battery life
  • Best Kindle Fire yet (Click here to see a Kindle comparison chart)

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  • No microphone
  • Sometimes Text to Speech will pause for no reason
  • Needs screen protector or will have fingerprints all over it
  • Not meant for business use
  • Needs a stand so you don’t have to hold it up
  • Web browsing should be a little faster (Click here to read WIFI reviews)
  • Does not come with wall charger/adapter
  • Comes with ads unless you pay
  • Amazon Prime (like Amazon’s version of Netflix + 1 year free shipping) nets you access to free movies, and TV shows

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Our Take

We own the Kindle Fire HD and we love it. Obviously it’s not perfect but for $199, it’s a great deal. We do recommend you grab an Amazon Prime free trial to see Amazon’s version of Netflix on your Kindle Fire.

You will probably want to buy a wall charger and a Kindle Fire cover and clear screen protector as accessories.

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We have the 16 GB, 7 inch Kindle Fire HD. This model costs $199. If you have a larger budget, the 8.9 inch KF HD would be awesome to have.

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The Kindle Fire is an A+ value. We really think you should give the Kindle Fire a strong look and once you order it, you’ll love it.

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Our Grades

Value: A+
Design: A
Speed: B
Resolution: A
Usability: A-


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Luxury Kindle Fire HD

The supreme model comes with 4G LTE Internet and 32 GB of storage. This means Internet anytime, anywhere which is an extremely cool feature.

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You can call us Product Geeks if you want to but we love shopping for Kindle Fire accessories. It’s fun to pick out your Kindle Fire cover and decide what color it will be and whether you want leather or rubber.

You can also pick out a stand, a stylus (tablet pen), clear screen protectors, a little backpack and possibly a little light for your Kindle Fire. It’s such a cool tablet that it really makes everything around it fun.

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